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Mendel and His Pea Plants. People have long known that the characteristics of living things are similar in parents and their offspring. Whether it’s the flower color in pea plants or nose shape in people, it is obvious that offspring resemble their parents. Mendel cross-bred peas with 7 pairs of pure-bred traits. First-generation F1 progeny only showed the dominant traits, but recessive traits reappeared in the self-pollinated second-generation F2 plants in a 3:1 ratio of dominant to recessive traits. In one experiment, Mendel cross-pollinated smooth yellow pea plants with wrinkly green peas. The organisms that are used as the original mating in an experiment are called the parental generation and are marked by P in science textbooks. Gregor Mendel is well-known for his experiments with pea plants to study genetics and heredity. He chose pea plants for their variety of unique and observable traits, such as pea color, plant height, flower color, and pod shape. Why Mendel Chose Pea Plant Pisum Stavium For His Breeding Experiments? Obviously, the world is full of plants and Mendel can chose anyone of them for his breeding experiments but he only chosen Pea Plant Pisum Stavium because of the following reasons.

Mendel's Law of Segregation. In the case of pod color, the Mendel Pea Experiment showed that a cross between a green pod plant and a yellow pod plant produced only green pod plants for the F1 generation. It appeared that the yellow pod characteristic had disappeared. As Mendel began his now-famous pea-plant experiments, earlier scientists had already used hybridization to study plants and traits. These men were inspired by Linnaeus’s idea that “new species might be generated by the hybridization of new ones.”. Gregor Mendel chose the pea plants for his experiments because the garden pea is an ideal subject in the study of genetics for the following reasons: -- presence of observable traits with contrasting forms -- produces many offspring in one cross

Mendel didn’t stop there – he continued to allow the peas to self-pollinate over several years whilst meticulously recording the characteristics of the progeny. He may have grown as many as 30,000 pea plants over 7 years. Mendel’s findings were ignored. Gregor Mendel was the father of genetics and the first to study pea plants. he was also a monk and a gardener. Why he decided to study heredity? he decided to study heredity because he was working in the garden and saw different traits about plants and got curious. Gregor Mendel chose pea plants for his experiments because they are easy to raise, have many offspring per mating, can fertilize themselves and have varieties in genotype and phenotype that are easily observable. These characteristics make pea plants ideal in the study of genetics and heredity.

Gregor Mendel conducted hybridization experiments on around 29,000 pea plants. Peas were an ideal choice for Mendel to use because they had easily observable traits there were 7 of which he could manipulate. He began his experiments on peas with two conditions. In his study of pea plants, Gregor Mendel used which method to produce offspring? Gregor Mendel made several discoveries about inheritance and how traits. He started his experiment with garden pea, and in 1865, presented a paper entitled “Experiments in plant hybridization” before the Natural History Society of Brunn. He died in 1884. The implication of his work, which forms the basis of genetics, was realized in 1900 when Derives in Holland, Correns in Germany and Tschermak in Austria, working independently, obtained similar findings. Mendel’s factors were later called Genes and associated to DNA. At the time of Mendel DNA had not yet been associated with inheritance. The forms of a Mendelian factor a Gene are known as Alleles. The pea plants have two alleles constituting its Genotype. If the alleles are the same, it.

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